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We are Huizhou Tiwilo Trading Co., Ltd, we are a real trader with many trading resources about lighting and flashlights, please contact us promptly if you have any needs, we will give you unexpected results!

Our Mission

Provide quality lighting for all regions of the world

Our Vission

Light up the world, add luster to this beautiful world

The Tiwilo Advantage

Tiwilo as a highly acclaimed lighting product trader, Tiwilo is dedicated to offering a wide range of lighting solutions. We have a diverse product portfolio designed to meet the various needs and preferences of residential, commercial, and industrial lighting. At Tiwilo, we place great emphasis on quality and durability to provide you with long-lasting and reliable lighting options. Our products comply with various certifications and industry standards, allowing you to make purchases with confidence.

Quality And Durability

In today's world where energy efficiency is especially important, Tiwilo understands the significance of energy efficiency for our customers. Therefore, we focus on providing energy-saving products, such as lighting fixtures with LED technology, which not only reduce energy consumption but also save electricity costs for our clients.

Energy Efficiency

What we are proud of at Tiwilo is the professional expertise and customer support of our staff. Our team has extensive experience and skills, and can assist you in choosing lighting solutions suitable for your specific needs. We also offer exceptional customer support services, such as after-sales assistance and warranty services, to ensure a pleasant experience throughout the purchasing process.

Expertise And Customer Support

In addition, Tiwilo offers numerous customization options to cater to the unique needs of our clients. Through custom-made lighting fixtures, we help clients achieve their ideal lighting environment, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Customization Options

As a reliable and customer-centric lighting product trader in the market, Tiwilo consistently strives to provide you with extensive lighting solutions, excellent quality and durability, high energy efficiency, exceptional professional expertise and customer support, as well as personalized customization options. Our goal is to offer you an industry-leading lighting experience while ensuring your satisfaction.

Wide Range Of Lighting Solutions


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